Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some of my world views :P

Some things in the world are really boring,
And it's funny how 'boring' rhymes with 'snoring' :)
I dunno why people use paper to write notes,
It's so much better to use it to make paper planes and boats.
Two of my favorite things are randomness and weirdness,
Also, eating ice gives me immense happiness.
I remember, earlier, I used to write poems that were insightful,
But they were serious and sad, so now I write nonsense which is delightful.
Now I keep my deep thoughts to myself,
Because I realized they were not for the public bookshelf.
We humans don't always understand each other, I don't know why,
Maybe close friends and family understand us, they are the only ones who really try.
Mind's getting serious, must return to jokes,
But all I feel like saying right now is, "That's all folks!"


Vaidehi said...

Cool! I like the way it rhymes..

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

I love this one for having a seriousness that you can see, but can't touch. And yet being light and funny! :)