Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stand by you

"If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall,
and the mountain should crumble to the sea"...
or someone hurts you,
you don't need to cry cuz i'll stand by you..
Even if someday you are wrong, but you need me to,
I'll stand by you.. :)


Abhi said...

Lecture-rhymer getting senti? kyun??

Btw, lukhha-rhymer updated.. now getting active on that one.. :)

Vaidehi said...

Sounds familiar.. Is this your status message as well?

Lecture-rhymer said...


senti cuz a li'l nostalgic :)

Yeah I read your lukkha-rhymer posts.. badhiya hai..lage raho :)


the lines "if the sky..... crumble to the sea" are from the song "stand by me".. rest of it is mine...
it's a song that's why it might sound familiar..and yeah it's currently my status msg too