Monday, September 15, 2008

RIP, Richard Wright

Syd Barrett shone on like a crazy diamond,
David Gilmour sang on an island,
Roger Waters made the final cut,
Nick Mason wrote the inside out, but,
Richard Wright, you caused the great gig in the sky,
Your music shall live on forever, with gratitude we bid you goodbye...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My PCB Layout

Laying out a PCB, aargh! tired of it!
Nothing seems to get connected efficiently, nothing seems to perfectly fit.
Red and blue traces weaving their way across the board,
Making sure no component is ignored.
Or else the components will weep and short all the traces, :P
Testing is a major task that the PCB faces.
Power and ground planes still have to be laid out,
Sadly I can't use the auto-router, because, everything, I have to manually route.
Wow, this looks like it's gonna become a PCB tutorial in rhyme,
This laying out seems like such a punishment, I feel like I've committed a crime.
Sigh, a few more days, and this project shall be done,
And then I shall be on vacation, having TONS OF FUN!!!!!!!!


Some of my world views :P

Some things in the world are really boring,
And it's funny how 'boring' rhymes with 'snoring' :)
I dunno why people use paper to write notes,
It's so much better to use it to make paper planes and boats.
Two of my favorite things are randomness and weirdness,
Also, eating ice gives me immense happiness.
I remember, earlier, I used to write poems that were insightful,
But they were serious and sad, so now I write nonsense which is delightful.
Now I keep my deep thoughts to myself,
Because I realized they were not for the public bookshelf.
We humans don't always understand each other, I don't know why,
Maybe close friends and family understand us, they are the only ones who really try.
Mind's getting serious, must return to jokes,
But all I feel like saying right now is, "That's all folks!"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stand by you

"If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall,
and the mountain should crumble to the sea"...
or someone hurts you,
you don't need to cry cuz i'll stand by you..
Even if someday you are wrong, but you need me to,
I'll stand by you.. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lecture Rhymer returns with yet another RANDOM RHYME :)

After months, I am writing during a lecture,
In my mind I am trying to paint a picture.
A picture of me just sprawling on the grass,
Or sitting in my room, just staring out through my window glass.
I drifted away, the picture disappeared,
Sigh, that's exactly what I feared.
Anyway, a lot of students missing from class today,
About that I wonder what the professor has to say.
I don't think he really cares
About the numerous empty chairs.
I must admit, his lecture makes me really sleepy,
But thank god, the guy isn't creepy.
Wow this is a really random rhyme,
I guess, the words just got lost in time.
Class ends, I should stop too,
Get outta this building, and look at the sky so blue.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Final Dedication

Wrote this poem a day before I left Pune....
Read it out to THE GANG :)
Now it's posted here for everyone to read.. as a dedication to the best of the many wonderful people I have known...........

Kya bhooloon kya yaad karoon
About the people sitting in this room
My friends, my crime partners, my beloved gang
We are the ones who caused the crash, boom, bang!
I want to recount all the memories
Which will again and again be told as stories.
I wanna spend the night laughing at all the jokes again,
Wanna take a walk with you all down the memory lane.
There are a zillion special moments I can clearly recall,
Those that were special to me and you all.
I'm gonna miss each one of you, u all are unique in your own way,
There is too much in my heart, but there are not enough words to say.
Lemme say out some incidents,which we can laugh about,
Cuz by the time the night is over, we'll all be in tears, without doubt.
Let's now start the narration,
About the 12 craziest women in god's creation.
Who can forget the time when DV puked at the station,
The time when we figured out that GOBI is from the chinese nation.
The time when MOLLY cried abt her all clear result and almost fell down the stairs,
The times when SHIKHA sat wondering when god will answer her prayers.
The times when ESHA has danced her signature dance step,
The times when ROHINI has been all stressed out during exam prep.
The times when TEEHIJ did her unique "sharmaana",
The times when KRITI wore her torn clothes, chaahe kuchh bhi kahe zamaana.
The times when CHHAVI slept off during lectures,
The times when PRACHI clicked a million of her own pictures.
The times when ANSHU made all the khana, although the effort was claimed to be joint
The times when MANDY took a deep breath and tried to make a point.
These are not even an iota of the memory collection.
But I did have a tough time making the selection.
Cuz every moment seems special, every memory to be cherished,
Dunno how and why, but I am glad this friendship flourished.

Molly ki gappein, Dv ka rona,
Rohini ki dumbness, Gobi ka sona.
Mandy ke explanations, Kriti ke kapde,
Teehij ka slowly bolna, Shikha ke lafde.
Anshu ke perfect write ups, Esha ke don-type looks,
Chhavi ki funny poems, Prachi ke jokes.

Those endless hours and hours of talking,
Times when we were serious, times we could not stop laughing.
Those hours of discussions,
Those hours of stupid joke sessions.

Yaad aayengi humein yeh sab baatein, yeh saare pal.
Bas kal tak ki baat hai, fir apni apni raah pe sab jaayenge nikal.
Par kuchh bhi ho jaaye, yeh dosti hum nahi todenge,
Chale jaayein hum kaheen bhi, tera saath na chhodenge.

In making my engineering life tolerable, you guys had a huge role to play,
I wanna thank you all for so much!, I dont even know wat to say.

Kaise reh paayenge in jokes ki bina, har din yaad karenge in baaton ko...
Bas yahi kehna hai.... kya bhooloon kya yaad karoon un haseen yaadon ko...