Thursday, July 24, 2008

My PCB Layout

Laying out a PCB, aargh! tired of it!
Nothing seems to get connected efficiently, nothing seems to perfectly fit.
Red and blue traces weaving their way across the board,
Making sure no component is ignored.
Or else the components will weep and short all the traces, :P
Testing is a major task that the PCB faces.
Power and ground planes still have to be laid out,
Sadly I can't use the auto-router, because, everything, I have to manually route.
Wow, this looks like it's gonna become a PCB tutorial in rhyme,
This laying out seems like such a punishment, I feel like I've committed a crime.
Sigh, a few more days, and this project shall be done,
And then I shall be on vacation, having TONS OF FUN!!!!!!!!


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