Friday, February 9, 2007

my future plans....

I wanna be a drummer
Earn money and buy the HUMMER.
Then I'd go on an African Safari.
Oh did I not mention? I would also buy a ferrari.
Across the Autobahn I would drive.
I am hoping to do all of this before I m thirty five.
Then I'd go back home and check how much I've earned.
Hoping it's enough to buy all the stuff for which I've yearned.
Nah! I dont think it would actually be enough
Cuz I think I want a lot of stuff.
Im not gonna list it out cuz I dont want you to get bored.
Nor do I want you to start wondering how much I wanna hoard.
My dreams, my choices to other people might sound strange.
But again, ten years from now, a lot about me might change.
I might start believing in "simple living and high thinking".
I might start eating healthy and grow less fond of drinking.
Yeah yeah, if you know me, you'd know the last 2 lines were total muck.
Hahahaahahaha, I sometimes crack myself up!
18 lines of bullshit, not bad really.
One would think I wrote this while I was talli.

Monday, February 5, 2007

He needs to introspect..

Doesn't he realize he's really boring?
Can't he hear people snoring?
Can't he see people sleeping with open eyes?
Can't he hear voiceless shouts n cries?
Screams begging him to stop the torture!
Telling him this isn't the way to build our future.
Doesn't he ever wonder what will he gain
By inflicting on us such intolerable pain?!
Does he do it for money, or does he do it for fame?
Or does he think, it's simply a fun game?

unfair life.... :(

Forgive me, today I can't think of a rhyme
I'm just thinking of travelling through time.
So I could forward all her lectures, never see her face,
Or send her far ahead into the future,and make the present world a better place.
But I know that can't happen, but I still pray,
That she stops showing me her face, day after day.
The moment I see her, I die a little I swear!
Why god why??? why can't life be fair??

Friday, February 2, 2007

during the power cut

Ma'am is sad cuz there's no power
Now her mood's gonna get sour.
She's gonna bore us until we die
And all that's left of us is Bheja Fry.
In her lectures, time stands still
And I start doubting the concept of free will.
With a mattress, this bench would make a decent bed
If I don't sleep now, I'll soon be brain dead!