Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lecture Rhymer returns with yet another RANDOM RHYME :)

After months, I am writing during a lecture,
In my mind I am trying to paint a picture.
A picture of me just sprawling on the grass,
Or sitting in my room, just staring out through my window glass.
I drifted away, the picture disappeared,
Sigh, that's exactly what I feared.
Anyway, a lot of students missing from class today,
About that I wonder what the professor has to say.
I don't think he really cares
About the numerous empty chairs.
I must admit, his lecture makes me really sleepy,
But thank god, the guy isn't creepy.
Wow this is a really random rhyme,
I guess, the words just got lost in time.
Class ends, I should stop too,
Get outta this building, and look at the sky so blue.