Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Comfortably numb

Sleep in my eyes,
hunger in my stomach
Have to attend these bugging lectures,
just my stupid bad luck!
My eyelids start shutting,
writeups dance in front of my eyes,
Writeups and assignments,
that's what's become of our lives.
I start to doze off, everything a haze,
just a drone in my ears.
Why do we put up with this crap,
Is it our wish or our fears?
Not getting a word,
Never felt so dumb.
AARGH!! fuck them all!
I've become comfortably numb...

when hunger strikes......

We are being taught some rubbish.
I feel like eating fish!
Fried fish or grilled pomfret would do.
With a plate of french fries too.
To drink, a pint of King's
And to accompany that, some onion rings.
Ah food! How can one do without?!
It's what we live by, without doubt.
Chicken tikka or Chicken Tandoori,
Puchkaas or the yummy bhelpuri!
Chilli chicken with hot garlic fried rice,
My mouth's watering, there's a twinkle in my eyes!
Aloo tikkis with lots of Chutney,
Yes you can say I support gluttony :)
Right now I wouldn't mind, butter naan with some meat.
The lecture's over! I'm off to eat....

an assassin in the making :)

A while back it was the professor's voice,
Now it's just white noise.
Am I actually expected to get his point?
I'd rather go n smoke a joint.
Nah I can't do that, I got work to do.
Deadlines around the corner, days are very few.
Deadlines! Oh how they bug!
Someone please hand me a beer mug.
The poem doesn't make sense, it's so messed up.
But at least it makes it clear that my brain's fucked up!
The lecture time is over, he's still not done!
Forget the beer mug, just gimme a shot gun!

The optical fiber

There was an optical fiber,
That was eaten by a tiger.
So whenever the tiger would open his mouth,
A little light would come out.

If light wouldn't enter, it wouldnt come out
We know that the exit for light was the tiger's mouth.
The entry for light I leave to your imagination,
Cuz I didn't have enough time for observation.

Oh come on, think of something else, U DIRTY MIND!
It's not necessary that the light entered from behind.

victim of boredom :(

Life sucks
Unless you win a million bucks
And buy a lot of trucks
and tame a lot of ducks.

I plan to make money
By selling honey
When the days are sunny
and when the nights seem funny.

We are being taught about waveguides
But I'm thinking of high tides,
Of long car rides,
Of where the hippie crowd resides.

Yup, Goa is the place
Just the thought of it lights up my face
Where everything moves at a slow pace
And no one's interested in running the race.

Now this is what I'm gonna do
Write weird poems for you.
Since the things to do are few
In this section which is new.

Too many rhymes in my head are stored.
Now on paper they'll be poured.
And I know they will be adored,
Cuz everyone knows I'm terribly bored.