Friday, October 19, 2007

A conversation in rhyme

Here in my new apartment in Boston I sit,
with only a dim light lit.
Emailing my best friend in Mysore,
Telling her stories I had in store.
I started to wonder whether in rhyme we could converse,
But I knew my friend couldn't manage even a single verse.
But oh my! she proved me wrong!
I rhymed, and yes! she rhymed along!
Below I put down our first conversation in rhyme,
We would continue if we had the time.

Chhavi Goenka:
u think u can rhyme?
i doubt u have the time.
but go ahead if u can,
but before that choose a man.
So about him you can write,
whether finally he is Mr.Right!
oh my god, i can add rhyme to any conversation,
was there a better rhymer in god's creation?

Rohini Bhandari:
I bet no one is better than u...
Maybe me but I have no clue
And before I tie the knot
Which I better not
Or just choose the right man
Which I doubt I ever can
Lemme achieve something in life
Let me just strive, strive and strive
Oooh It's so cold in here
I wish I had something warmer to wear.
I think I need to pee
Or maybe have a cup of tea
Cuz I am really very sleepy,
Thirsty, hungry and droopy.
See I can also rhyme,
Even though I have no time!