Friday, February 9, 2007

my future plans....

I wanna be a drummer
Earn money and buy the HUMMER.
Then I'd go on an African Safari.
Oh did I not mention? I would also buy a ferrari.
Across the Autobahn I would drive.
I am hoping to do all of this before I m thirty five.
Then I'd go back home and check how much I've earned.
Hoping it's enough to buy all the stuff for which I've yearned.
Nah! I dont think it would actually be enough
Cuz I think I want a lot of stuff.
Im not gonna list it out cuz I dont want you to get bored.
Nor do I want you to start wondering how much I wanna hoard.
My dreams, my choices to other people might sound strange.
But again, ten years from now, a lot about me might change.
I might start believing in "simple living and high thinking".
I might start eating healthy and grow less fond of drinking.
Yeah yeah, if you know me, you'd know the last 2 lines were total muck.
Hahahaahahaha, I sometimes crack myself up!
18 lines of bullshit, not bad really.
One would think I wrote this while I was talli.


gayatri gadag said...

OMG..:P i am here too!!
u knw how much i am fond of u now dont u? :P..
btw nice one... ;)

~Abhi said...

really cool poems! :-)

really cool!

RT .. hXc?LqD said...

hehhe .. wicked ;)

Rebel Heart Asa said...

hey Chhavi,
absolutely witty stuff.
what makes your poems more appealing is the name under which you write them "lecture-rhymer" :P
adding you to my blog buddies.

Ps: hope you recall me..fellow lecture rhymer at cummins...:)

Aditya said...

hmm, interesting future plans i must say.
comfortably numb is nice too, just in case you are taking me as a stranger i ain't a complete one...take a bit of efforts to find who i am though. :P

Anonymous said...

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