Monday, February 5, 2007

He needs to introspect..

Doesn't he realize he's really boring?
Can't he hear people snoring?
Can't he see people sleeping with open eyes?
Can't he hear voiceless shouts n cries?
Screams begging him to stop the torture!
Telling him this isn't the way to build our future.
Doesn't he ever wonder what will he gain
By inflicting on us such intolerable pain?!
Does he do it for money, or does he do it for fame?
Or does he think, it's simply a fun game?


Arpita said...

haaahhahahah khush kar diya. Sidey ho par!

gayatri gadag said...

dude..LOL...luvvvly!!...loved it... :) keep the poems rolling!!

Gauri said...

i am guessing u wrote this in tnm!!! ;)