Wednesday, January 31, 2007

when hunger strikes......

We are being taught some rubbish.
I feel like eating fish!
Fried fish or grilled pomfret would do.
With a plate of french fries too.
To drink, a pint of King's
And to accompany that, some onion rings.
Ah food! How can one do without?!
It's what we live by, without doubt.
Chicken tikka or Chicken Tandoori,
Puchkaas or the yummy bhelpuri!
Chilli chicken with hot garlic fried rice,
My mouth's watering, there's a twinkle in my eyes!
Aloo tikkis with lots of Chutney,
Yes you can say I support gluttony :)
Right now I wouldn't mind, butter naan with some meat.
The lecture's over! I'm off to eat....

1 comment:

Kalyani said...

ahhhh...loved it!!it'll be ages before i stop fantasizing about tandori chicken in class..esp durin spos..dunno why but her lect makes me hungry..hehe!