Wednesday, January 31, 2007

victim of boredom :(

Life sucks
Unless you win a million bucks
And buy a lot of trucks
and tame a lot of ducks.

I plan to make money
By selling honey
When the days are sunny
and when the nights seem funny.

We are being taught about waveguides
But I'm thinking of high tides,
Of long car rides,
Of where the hippie crowd resides.

Yup, Goa is the place
Just the thought of it lights up my face
Where everything moves at a slow pace
And no one's interested in running the race.

Now this is what I'm gonna do
Write weird poems for you.
Since the things to do are few
In this section which is new.

Too many rhymes in my head are stored.
Now on paper they'll be poured.
And I know they will be adored,
Cuz everyone knows I'm terribly bored.

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